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Lola Liberta

Chengdu, China

Lola Liberta: Nomad, artist, gypsy, alien.

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Lola Liberta: Nomad, artist, gypsy, alien.

Lola Liberta is a nomad, artist, gypsy, and alien who first began creating Cult Coloring Books, Original Wearable Art, and One of a Kind Artwork after she escaped from a cosmic cult.

  • Lola was found sleeping in a ditch next to a dirt road just outside the cosmic cult compound by Zio Zingaro.
  • Lola and Zio now travel together creating cult coloring books, original wearable art, and one of a kind artwork.
  • Above all, all profitsĀ from book and art sales are donated to charitable organizations that help the hungry, sick, poor, and needy.
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